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Finding Replacement Glass for Your Thunderbird

Hello, Thunderbird Owners

I wanted to post a resource on a topic that gets emailed to me a lot. At least a few people a month ask me if I know where to find a windshield repair expert that will fit the older model thunderbirds. I do, in fact. I’ve had to replace two windshields due to amazingly bad luck—Seagulls, both times. I tried two different things, and they both worked, so I’m sharing them with all of you

Vehicle-specializing Junkyard: I was surprised at how rich the inventory was at some of the junkyards I visited asking about thunderbirds. I found one 59 Thunderbird with basically everything stripped from it EXCEPT the windshield. I was more than happy to claim that for myself.

Used Glass: The second time my windshield was broken, I ended up browsing a local shop’s used glass selection. I was very surprised to find several thunderbird windshields and side windows in stock, including the one that I needed. They gave me a much better price than the junkyard since they weren’t charging me as a collector. You can checkout their list of used glass here vanisleautoglass.com

Though this is all that’s worked for me so far, I’ve also talked to people at meetups who have figured out other solutions. For some years, the glass is a match to models that were in much larger production runs, so it’s easy to find a good fit. There are also some places that can do it up custom for you. They can make glass to any dimensions, so you don’t have to worry about the ever-dwindling supply of collector glass.

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